The Story of the great Alabekalishanishanaynay

There once was a friend of mine named alabekalishanishanaynay. She live in a wonderful land in the world know as "Burgh" and had many friends where she lived. All of her friends went to the same high school as her and they all enjoyed those many years together. She was very friendly, made funny jokes, and everyone enjoyed her company. When she graduated from Bratwurst High School, she then joined Dooglesons College. She majored in the study of Mustache Shirts and graduated. 

She then got a job in Gerjums Jam Inc., became the manager, and owns a nice house in the city. She occasionally visit her old friends and enjoys seeing them every time. She believes she is happy and is doing well at this very moment. She lives happily in the town of Burgh and loves every minute of it.
                                                                               THE END

Made by the old girl herself.